Thursday, December 8, 2011

My First Attempt at a Fabric Holiday Bauble

Hello, Happy Friday!   I saw this handmade fabric bauble tutorial on Sew We Quilt. (Thank you Sonia!)  I had all good intentions on following the pattern, but I started this project way too late after an especially hard day at work and sleep deprived.  Well, I got stumped by the print out of the template.  For some reason it seemed to print out really big (meaning the template was bigger than the 5 inches of the background fabric).  Then I wanted to use the fabric with a face on it, which meant fussy cutting. Anyway, I thought I got the concept and thought maybe I could fudge the template to make it not so big. After sewing I thought the face would read better if I stuffed it. It was getting late in the evening and it was with just sheer determination for me to get it done, even with the many interruptions from my girls, who seemed to be needing their mommy a lot tonight. Because they wanted mommy to help them brush their teeth and to cuddle with.  I wanted to make this to give as a gift for the get together on my husband's side of the family this weekend.  I think I'm going to keep this one and will try again to make another one to give away.

My second bauble.  I'm going to throw away that gold ribbon.  I keep wanting to use it and it's not user friendly.  My sister-in-law has a Springer Spaniel.  Wonder if she will like it, hmmm?

 It looks whimsical to me. The possibilities are endless.

May you find some whimsy in your life, even if the bags under your eyes feel like luggage.  Because who needs sleep when you could be sewing.

It's off to Duluth, MN for some Holiday Cheer.  Hope to get some fun pictures to post later.

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