Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coaster in a Minute

I should be cleaning, but I had to whip up this fun idea from Sew Wonderful Dreams called Coasters in a minute.  It takes six 4 x 4 squares, three from two different fabrics.  One for the  top, bottom and four folded in triangles to put around the sides to encase the wine glass, and some batting on the bottom.

One of my fabrics has Rudolph and the other some complimentary green Christmas fabric.  If these fabrics looks familiar it is because I've made a snowflake from these materials.

The wine glass gets snuggled in the middle hole there.

I just had to buy this pattern at a sewing convention because, I like to drink wine occasionally and I thought other wine drinkers might get a kick from getting four of these as a gift. 

May your glass always be half way full, even if you've drained it empty and have rosy cheeks.

Talking of rosy cheeks.  Check out my little munchkins having fun.
Have a Joyful Holiday Season!

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